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Composite and functionally-graded target for PVD

Multicomponent thin films

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Development and synthesis of advanced multicomponent, multiphase and functionally-graded targets with high dense, uniform structure that exhibits the required mechanical, thermal and electrical properties needed for such technological materials. Our new functionally-graded materials (FGM) meet the technological requirements concerning a high level of toughness and thermoconductivity for targets

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Non-stoichiometric carbides
(Ti, Cr)Cx, (Ti, Nb)Cx, TiCx, (Ti, Mo)Cx s
Low borides
TiB, ZrB, CrB
TiSi2, Ti5Si3, MoSi2, Cr5Si3, Ni5Si2
Ti-Al, Ni-Al, Ti-Al-Si, Ti-Nb-Al, Ti-Zr-Al
MoSe2, WSe2, MoS2
(TiB2+Ti5Si3+Si), (TiC+Ti3SiC2+TiSi2), (TiC+Ti3SiC2+SiC), (TiB2+TiC), (TiB2+TiAl+Ti2AlN), (TiC+TiAl)
Type of coatings
Coating characteristics
Superhard, Wear-Resistant
Vickers Microhardness
>50 GPa
Ti-B-N, Ti-Si-B-N, Ti-Si-C-N, Ti-Si-N, Ti-Al-B-N, Ti-Al-C-N, Ti-Cr-B-N
Corrosion Rate Exposed to 5 N H2SO4 at Room Temperature
<10 m m/year
Ti-Ta-Mo-C, Ti-C-Fe-Si-Mo, Ti-C, Ti-Si-C-N
Ti-Al-C-N, Ti-Si-C-N
Specific Electro Resistance 20-200
Thermal Coefficient of Resistance
<3.10-5 K-1
Coefficient of Temporal Instability
Ti-C-B, Ti-B-Al-O

Application of PVD films

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Various biomedical application (antibacterial coatings for packing and storage of medical tools, deposition of coatings on medical instrument, etc); depositions of hard, wear- and corrosion resistant coatings on the surface of cutting tools and parts of machines and mechanisms; deposition of thin films for various electronic, magnetic and optical applications (semiconductor devices, lenses, etc.)


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