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Dear Colleagues!

Head of SHS Center
Prof E.A. Levashov

SHS Center has been established in 1989 in order to launch scientific integration of Institute of High-Education (MISIS) and academic science (Institute of Structural Macrokinetics of Russian Academy of Science) in the field of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS). Nowadays the SHS Center is a multidisciplinary research center located at the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys.

SHS Center research activities focus mainly on material science, technology and applications of advanced composite materials and new coating and film systems. This is achieved through our research and development program areas.

  • Fundamental theoretical and experimental studies in a wide area of research which includes inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics of combustion and explosion, materials science;

  • Development and synthesis of advanced multicomponent, multiphase and functionally-graded materials such as refractory carbonitrides, boronitrides, silicides, oxides, non-stoichiometric carbides and nitrides, intermetallides and metal ceramics;

  • Development of advanced multicomponent nanostructured films by magnetron sputtering using SHS-composite targets. In our work we use a complex approach focusing on understanding the processing-structure-properties relationships. Mechanical properties include microhardness, wear, adhesion, toughness and elastic recovery. Chemical properties include the behavior of coatings in corrosion environment, and oxidation. Thermal and electrical properties include electro resistance, thermo resistance and temporal instability.

  • Development of advanced coating systems, equipment and processes, such as Magnetron Sputtering, Electrospark Alloying (ESA) and Thermoreactive Electrospark Surface Strengthening (TRESS);

  • Output of small mass production at the test-production division.

Educational Activity

Educational activity includes undergraduate training in two specialties: Physical-Chemical and Technological Principles of Synthesis of Inorganic Materials in Combustion Regime and Technology and Properties of SHS Powder, Materials and Production. Education and training of postgraduate students is achieved by their involvement in research and development programs.

National Organizational Structure

The SHS Center of MISA is a leading member of Scientific-Technical Association Thermosynthesis which includes more than 10 scientific centers of Russia dealing with SHS.

Interational Organizational Structure

The SHS Center of MISA is a headquarter of Russian coordination center of Surface Engineering within the framework of the European Program of Scientific-Technical Integration Eureka and a current member of the Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL) at the Colorado School of Mines.

Publishing Activity

Head of the SHS Center Prof. E.A. Levashov is a principle editor of Non-Ferrous Metals English version of Russian Journal Izvestiia Vuzov, Tsvetnaia Metallurgiia ( and a member of editorial board of International Journal Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis.

Academic Activity

Memberships and participation in the national councils and committees of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Science, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, Russian Technological Development Foundation; memberships and participation in the international committees on SHS and Functionally-Graded Materials (FGM).

Head of the SHS Center Prof., Dr. Sci. Evgeny Levashov

You collaboration is wellcome!

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