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SHS Center News

19-23 october of 2009 year

European Master School in Russia

Modules IV and II (part 2) "Mechanical applications and optical characterization of Nanofilms" co-organized by State Technological University "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys" and Institute of Spectroscopy of Russian Academy of Sciences will be held on October 19-23, 2009 in Moscow and Troitsk (Moscow Region).

The School includes lectures and practical training by world leader in the field of Nanofilms. For the full program see PDF file.

European Master School

Starting from 2009, VINF launched a two-year training program with advanced lectures and seminars related to Nanofilms Science and Technology. The fundamental aim of the program is to provide formation on available methodologies in the field fof nanostructured thin films and coatings:

  • Preparation
  • characterisation
  • mechanical
  • optical
  • biomedical applications and the fundamental aspects in clusters and nano-objects.

The program is based on 5 modules covering the main aspect of the synthesis, characterization and some selected applications of the Nano-films. The program is dedicated to students (PhDs), young scientists (post-docs) and personnel working in industries. Each module consists in 1-2 weeks intensive course. The 5 modules will be offered in a 12-24 months period. Students can follow 1 to 5 modules and the certificates will be independent for each module.

2 Years Program (2009 - 2010)

Module I
Nanofilms preparation: deposition techniques, surface modification
January, 11-18th, 2009, Brussels (Belgium)
Module II
Nanofilms characterization: structural and chemical analysis, surface analysis
January 11-18th, 2009, Brussels (Belgium)
Module III
Nanofilms and Nano-objects: fundamental aspects
June 1-6th, 2009, Frankfurt (Germany)
Module IV
Mechanical applications and optical characterization of Nanofilms
October 2009, Moscow (Russia)
Module V
Nanofilms for biological applications
May 2010, Haifa (Israel)

Virtual Institute of Nano Films (VINF)

The Institute is an international nonprofit association with scientific purpose. Its goal is to become a key player in the field of nanocoatings by providing a comprehensive range of skills covering multiple aspects of the wide spectrum of knowledge in the nanomaterials areas. The Institute was established to facilitate exchange amongst those within scientific community interested in nanofilms, their application and future technology. It is expected that bringing communities together combined with a greater unification of approaches will lead to new ideas generation and a more effective and efficient administration of research projects. The Institute can provide different kinds of services and products to companies, universities, and research centers that face technical or scientific issues, need specific educational training or want to find scientific partners.

VINF members:

  • Cambridge University, UK
  • Chemical Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Science
  • Cockerill Sambre SA- ArcelorMittal Group, Belgium
  • Instituto Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla, Spain
  • Institute of Spectroscopy of Russia Academy of Science, Russia
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany
  • SH Sistemi, Italy
  • State Technological University "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys", Russia
  • Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
  • TEKNIKER, Spain
  • University of Brussels, Belgium
  • University of Nottingham, UK
  • Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy

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